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Further Guidance

Examples of further guidance on living wage include:

  • ILO, Global Wage Report 2021: Wages and Minimum Wages in the Time of COVID-19: This report gives context to changing global wages following the global pandemic and provides guidance on wage policies for economic recovery and protection of workers.
  • ILO, Minimum Wage Policy Guide: This website provides information on key questions of good practice related to minimum wages and highlights different choices that can be made depending on national preferences and country circumstances.
  • ILO, The International Labour Organization and the Living Wage: A Historical Perspective: This research paper reviews historical debates related to the adoption of the principle of a living wage between 1919 and these days.
  • Living Wage Foundation, The Sustainable Development Goals and the Living Wage: This report highlights the links between achieving the SDGs and paying a living wage and offers guidance to businesses. There are a lot of resources on the website, mainly focused on businesses in the UK.
  • IDH, The Sustainable Trade Initiative, Better Business through Living Wage: This report provides an overview of main actions that buying companies should consider to close living wage gaps in supply chains and showcases tools, tips and examples.
  • IDH, Roadmap on Living Wages: This roadmap works to strengthen international alignment and build tangible solutions regarding living wages. It provides a five-step framework for companies to achieve a living wage programme.
  • WageIndicator Foundation: This website functions as an up-to-date online tool that may be used as labour market libraries for workers, employers, Governments, academics and media.