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Committing to High Living Wage Standards in Supply Chain

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Unilever — a British multinational consumer goods company — has committed to living wage standards through several initiatives. Most notably, in 2021, Unilever announced it would ensure every worker directly involved in providing a Unilever good or service would earn a living wage by 2030. As current employees already earn a living wage, the initiative will predominantly focus its efforts on securing a living wage for vulnerable groups in the manufacturing and agricultural sectors involved with the business. Unilever will work with its suppliers, as well as Governments and NGOs, to influence the widespread adoption of improved living wage standards. The standards set across the Unilever living wage initiative have been determined following close collaboration with the Fair Wage Network, an internationally recognized expert group on living wage standards. Unilever is one of the first businesses in the consumer goods industry to make such a commitment towards living wage improvements.

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