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Cellnex Telecom

Grassroots diversity for a more equal future

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Cellnex Telecom is a leading European operator of wireless telecommunications infrastructures that facilitate the connectivity of people and territories.

Cellnex has updated its Human Rights Policy, aligning its actions with a Human Rights Based Approach in identifying risks associated with its activities and business relationships in the Environmental, Social and Governance areas. The company also has an ESG Master Plan, whose strategic axes are coherent and aligned with respect of Human Rights. Cellnex’s Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Policy establishes lines of action to allow the concept of Diversity to be put into practice and consolidated. Therefore being diverse and inclusive is one of Cellnex’s strategic pillars.

Through the Cellnex Foundation, the company has been collaborating with the international “Technovation Girls” program since 2022, which is now one of its most important corporate volunteer programs to promote gender equality in the community and globally. The program has trained more than 150,000 young women internationally, between the ages of ten and eighteen, as technology entrepreneurs and innovators, enabling them to solve problems in their environment through technology.

Cellnex professionals provide their experience and serve as references to promote young women’s involvement in technological and business advances in society. Overall, over 60% of Technovation alumnae globally go ahead to work in STEM careers.

The main activities carried out are:

  • Coaching: giving feedback to the girls on the projects they are developing;
  • Visits: Opening the doors of Cellnex, so the girls can get to know experiences of Cellnex women who have studied STEM careers;
  • Judging: the projects presented by the different teams of girls from around the world and participating in the Catalonia final event by announcing the international semifinalists.

The collaboration with Technovation Girls complements a whole series of internal initiatives that the company is developing with the aim of accelerating the goal of gender equality, and moving closer to a stronger, more innovative, diverse and inclusive economy, with benefits for the whole of society.


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