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Schneider Electric

Partnering with Independent Advisors to Implement a Living Wage Commitment

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In line with its Human Rights Policy and Principles of Responsibility, Schneider Electric believes earning a decent wage is a basic human right. Schneider is committed to paying employees in the lower salary ranges at or above a living wage to meet their family’s basic needs. By basic needs, the Group considers food, housing, sanitation, education, healthcare plus discretionary income for a given local standard of living.

In 2018, Schneider started working with an independent advisor — Business for Social Responsibility (BSR) — to implement a living wage commitment. Schneider Electric has initiated a global process to analyze wage levels and employment practices against local living wage standards set by BSR. To date the analysis has covered 63 countries, reaching 99% of the Schneider footprint. This partnership and process will continue and will progressively extend its scope to the Schneider supplier network.

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