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Collaborating with IndustriALL on Strengthening Freedom of Association in Supply Chains

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In November 2015, H&M — a Swedish multinational clothing company — signed a Global Framework Agreement (GFA) with IndustriALL Global Union and the Swedish trade union IF Metall to protect the rights of 1.6 million garment workers in 1,900 factories that supply H&M stores. The GFA provides labour rights guarantees and requires the establishment of national monitoring committees in key sourcing countries such as Cambodia, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Turkey. The committees are intended to facilitate social dialogue and the implementation of the agreement. The GFA also requires providing training on industrial relations and workers’ rights for both management and union representatives.

In March 2021, H&M and IndustriALL reaffirmed their commitment to work together under the GFA. The renewed joint agreement prioritizes strengthening the environment for the respect of the right to freedom of association along H&M’s supply chains. It also promotes social dialogue at all levels as the main method of conflict resolution, and encourages collaboration between Governments and businesses under the ILO Call to Action in the garment industry.

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