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Viewing Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace as a Competitive Differentiator

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HSBC, a multinational financial services company, has an equal opportunity policy stipulating that it does not discriminate on grounds of age, gender, colour, race, ethnicity, language, caste, creed, economic or social status or disability. The bank recognizes that having a workforce that broadly reflects the composition of the local communities in which it operates places it in a unique position to understand and respond to the needs of its customers. HSBC views diversity as a “competitive differentiator”, both in employment and in customer markets. The bank’s efforts to support diversity and inclusion in the workplace have been recognized on a broader scale. In 2020 HSBC was placed on the Financial Times Diversity Leaders list. HSBC also received the Stonewall Ally Programme Award and was included in Bloomberg’s Gender Equality Index.

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