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Health Promotion Campaign

BASF has established multiple health programmes for their employees. Since 2003, each year has a different health campaign with a different focus. In 2019 the theme was ‘moment to moment’ that focused on mental health and mindfulness, and in 2015 it was ‘mission nutrition’ focused on healthy and nutritious diets. BASF also provides onsite doctors and medical care for employees, so that they can keep on top of their health and get treatment in the event of an accident. This is available to varying degrees at all BASF sites globally.

The coordination of healthcare for employees is audited each year against OHSAS18001. BASF also uses a bespoke Health Performance Index to track employee health, using guidance from GRI as part of its OSH performance tracking. The Health Performance Index includes criteria on occupational disease, accidents and risks, training, prevention, and promotion, where 1.0 is the highest score possible. BASF has scored over 0.9 in 2019 and 2020.