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Establishing Effective Mechanisms for Worker Representation

In 2007, Inditex — one of the world’s largest clothing retailers — signed a Global Framework Agreement (GFA) with IndustriALL — a global union federation representing 50 million workers in 140 countries. In 2013, the GFA was expanded with the implementation of a pilot project bringing together worker and management representatives from supplier factories in Turkey. Four factories supplying Inditex, as well as IndustriALL and its local union affiliates, participated in the training workshop. Sessions focused on issues such as handling worker grievances through dialogue, organizing unions and collective bargaining. The training workshop also included content on labour legislation, international conventions and key elements of the GFA. Additional sessions involving managers focused on business culture, corporate responsibility and working with trade unions.

Inditex has continued efforts in establishing effective mechanisms for worker representation ever since. Inditex’s 2019 Annual Report states that the company renewed the GFA with IndustriALL in 2019 and set up a Global Union Committee where workers from across their supply chain are represented. The Global Union Committee’s aim is to share and promote best industry practices with regards to the right to freedom of association. In addition to GFA, Inditex is also collaborating on other initiatives supporting the promotion of industrial relations at work centres throughout their production chain, including in Bangladesh, Indonesia, Vietnam and Cambodia.